Tuesday, October 18, 2016

How Lifeguarding Has Made A Positive Impact On My Life

Mathew Van Noten
How Lifeguarding Has Made A Positive Impact On My Life

I have been lifeguarding for about 4 months now, and I recently finished my teaching qualifications which allow me to teach many classes and swimming lessons. Since I have started lifeguarding I have noticed many changes in the way I approach things, as well as my maturity and vitality. Lifeguarding has also allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of myself and personality. An example of this was, recently I learned that I quite enjoy creating lesson plans and teaching kids, I learned that I work well with children and I enjoy improvising games and activities to make the learning drills more fun and engaging. This was also reinforced when the head guard supervisor (my boss) had some nice and encouraging comments to say about my unique teaching style. Another huge repercussion of lifeguarding that I have noticed is my patience and tolerance has gone up. I think this is due to the patience that is required when lifeguarding, for example; Dealing with parents who may not have a good attitude or have trouble communicating, as well as children who are having trouble doing a skill or are misbehaving. I think me having more patience is very helpful in everyday interactions because it allows me to persevere longer to gain an understanding of others issues and perspectives. I also have noticed a more positive outlook on life, my peers have told me that I seem more vitalized and “lively” than ever, and I attribute this partially to lifeguarding. All in all, I am thrilled with the positive impact that lifeguarding has made on my life. If you enjoy the water and are a capable swimmer with an interest in Lifeguarding I would highly recommend you do some research into it and maybe even get your bronze cross to see if you enjoy the feel of lifeguarding, and who knows, you may just love it!

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